Call for papers


We are planning to host the German-Catalan Conference in person. Lectures will be grouped according to topic and methodological approach. Proposals may be submitted for individual lectures or for panels consisting of multiple lectures.


Individual Lectures

Lectures are divided into 30-minute slots (a 20-minute lecture followed by a 10-minute debate)

Proposals should not exceed 300 words. These should be submitted in anonymous form for evaluation by the academic committee. We also ask that you provide a short biography (max. 50 words).

The submission deadline for proposals is 01.03.2022.



Panels may not exceed two hours.

Panel proposals must include a description of the topic and the aims of the panel, a summary of the individual talks in anonymous form (max. 300 words per lecture), and a short biography for each participant (max. 50 words).

The submission deadline for proposals is 01.03.2022.

The languages of the congress are German, English, and Catalan.


Important Dates

01.04.2022: Extension of the deadline for the submission of abstract and panel proposals



Deadline for submitting proposals for individual presentations and panels

Proposals should be sent to Marcello Giugliano (



The academic committee communicates their decisions regarding lecture/panel proposals.


01.05. - 10.08.2022