Titleimage: Department of Spanish Language and Literature

The Department of Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Bern is comprised of two sections: Linguistics and Literature. The Linguistics section is the only one in Switzerland that focuses on Synchronic Linguistics. The Literature section offers a wide range of courses and seminars at both BA and MA levels, covering Spanish and Latin American literature from the Golden Age to the 21st century.

The department has a staff of three professors, half a dozen assistants and collaborators, and an administrative assistant. We have about 125 students, which allows us to give each student plenty of attention throughout their academic career. In both the BA and MA study programs students can study Spanish Language and Literature as a Major (120 ECTS) or Minor (60 or 30 ECTS). Beyond the specific fields of study of each section, both promote their interconnected interests – not only in terms of synchrony (e.g. interest in issues related to contemporary society), but also from a diachronic perspective (e.g. the analysis of discourse, including literary; the impact of new technologies on linguistic and literary communication; word-image relationships in terms of aesthetics, and also in everyday life). In addition to specialization in Spanish language and literature, it is part of the Department’s philosophy to provide students with comprehensive training that allows them to develop the type of professional skills that will be useful in an increasingly demanding labor market.